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Before I talk about MyBalanceNow Target gift cards and briefly introduce Target Corporation, Target is the eighth-largest department store chain in the United States with a total of approximately 1,822 stores. Products sold by destination include furniture, cosmetics, electronics, health products, footwear, clothing, jewelry, garden and pet supplies, accessories, pharmacies, etc.


Rapidly changing trends lead to new offerings and new products. The latter are gift cards that save you from making the difficult decision of what to give your loved ones for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. It is better and easier to buy a gift card that they can use at their own discretion and on their own.

Target gift cards provide this convenience – you can purchase these cards in varying amounts for your loved ones that can be used at any retail store in the United States to purchase all kinds of accessories, including merchandise, groceries, clothing, shoes, jewelry. , Bless you. and beauty products.


The great thing about travel destination gift cards is that you can purchase them both physically and electronically, including email and cell phone credit cards. To get a Physical Target gift card, simply visit your nearest Target store, purchase a gift card, and add your credit option to gift your loved ones.

Create a gift card, add the patterns and cuts you want, add the credit you want and you’re done. These cards take up to 4 hours to reach your loved ones, making them an ideal medium for sending gifts.

MyBalanceNow Gift Card Rates

Users or buyers have to pay a one-time fee when purchasing these gift cards, the fees are different for cards with different values, after which there are no maintenance or usage fees. These are the one-time fees you will need to pay for variable value gift cards.

  • $ 4 fee for a $ 25 gift card
  • $ 5 fee for a $ 50 gift card
  • $ 6 fee for $ 100 or $ 200 in gift cards.